Notes aren’t a record of my thinking process. They are my thinking process. – Richard Feynman

The primary purpose of note-taking should not be for storing ideas, but for developing them. When we take notes, we should ask: “In what context do I want to see this note again?”

Note-taking for writing:

  1. Find topic/research question
  2. Research/find literature
  3. Read and take notes
  4. Draw conclusions / outline text
  5. Write

Two types of notes:

  1. Fleeting notes by org-journal.
  2. Project notes are basically everything else:
    • a talk
    • a book
    • a paper
    • any topic or thought I’ve refined from fleeting notes.

Workflow with Org-roam:

  1. M-x org-roam-node-find RET create new node from anywhere.
  2. Link to or create the context nodes as the tag, the context node can be empty.
  3. Taking notes in one buffer.
  4. Thereafter if we want to see the accociated notes in a context, we can see the Backlinks in the context node: M-x org-roam-buffer-toggle RET.