shape ʃeip

  • be in great/good shape
  • stay/keep in (good) shape


  • five times a month
  • once two weeks


  • loose /luːs/ 松的
  • tight /tait/ 紧的

what/how about 提议

  1. What/How about some coffee?
  2. What/How about you?

穿衣:try on/take off/put on

  • n.: try on sth I’d like to try on the shoes.
  • pron.: try sth. on I’d like to try them on.

think of 认为 sth. 怎么样

  • What do you think of my new shirt?
  • What does she think of me?

would like 委婉表示想要 do sth.

  • I’d like to see some casual shirts.

    ’d = would

  • I want to buy a birthday gift for my sister want to 直接,适合朋友之间对话。


  • would like + to do sth.
    • Would you like to join us?
    • I’d like to have some water
    • When would you like to go to the moveis?
  • would like + sb. to do sth.
    • Would you like me to show you?
    • What would you like me to do?
    • I’d like you to make a reservation.
  • would like + sth.(+ 介词短语)
    • I’d like a table
    • Would you like some water?
    • I’d like a table in a non-smoking area.
    • I’d like a table for him.
    • I’d like some water for breakfast.
    • I’d like the reservation for 1pm.
    • I’d like to make a reservation for 1pm.

chat with/to sb. about sth.

use sth. do/for sth. 用 … 来做 …



go along/down + 街道(street / road / avenue / Ave.)

  • go along Fourth Street
  • go down this Queen Ave.
  • go straight

go + 距离 + down + 街道

  • go two blocks down the street

go straight (on) 直走

  • go straight on past the police station


  • turn
  • turn left/right
    • turn right onto Queen Avenue
  • make/take a left/right turn
  • make/take a left/right
    • take a left at the second crossing

in advance adv. 提前


get sb. sth. to do

  • May I get you anything to drink?
  • May I get you a shirt to try on?

get/become + 比较级

  • It’s getting worse.
  • It’s getting hotter.

either … or 二选一/neither … nor 二者皆否

  • take either the railroad train or Line A.
  • You should take neither the railroad train nor Line A.